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ZPFT701 series

ZPFT701 series

Led grow light
Scope and object of applicationSuitable model: ZPFT701X, this series includes several models, they use the safe low voltage 48VDC, can provide red and blue dual

Scope and object of application

Suitable model: ZPFT701X, this series includes several models, they use the safe low voltage 48VDC, can provide red and blue dual wavelength spectrum, single spectrum, three or more multi-spectral, full spectral form to meet various needs.

Construction and installation personnel, debugging personnel, maintenance personnel, users please read this instruction in detail, strictly in accordance with the instructions for safe use, give full play to the ability of the product.


Product features

Use the safe voltage isolated from the mains, no electric shock danger;Thicken aluminum profile shell and widened aluminum substrate, effectively reduce thermal resistance, so that the lamps have excellent heat dissipation capacity;In the design of non-full spectrum fluorescent powder, the light wave emitted by the semiconductor can direct to the plant, and the effect is more obvious.Long life, excellent heat dissipation and reliable driving combination, so that the lamp has a service life of more than 5 years.


Application field

Red, blue (there may be other wavelengths), multi-spectral fixed ratio of tubular lamps, used for higher requirements, to determine the growth stage of crop production;Full-spectrum plant lamps are mainly used for visually demanding applications, such as indoor green plant lighting.


The product description

ZPFT701 series are tubular lamps for aluminum radiator, suitable for short distance and large area lighting.Aluminum has excellent heat conduction ability, will have a rapid heat LED to the surrounding air, make sure the temperature of the LED light-emitting devices within the scope of the security, controllable working temperature control the lamp bead light failure effectively, guarantee the lamps and lanterns is effective for a long time, in its life cycle, give full play to its effectiveness as a production tool.ZPFT701 series use 48VDC DC voltage, safe for human body, in the humid environment, there will be no electric shock accident, which makes it more suitable for people may come into contact with lights, metal planting equipment near, large area of plant light supplement;The problem of leakage tripping of lamps is solved by using 48VDC DC DC voltage, so that production can be carried out reliably.

The ZPFT701 series waterproof plug connection provides quick and accurate field installation capability, while coping with water leakage, moisture and other possible conditions



Using the environment

1. Operating temperature range 0℃~+60℃

2. The working humidity range is below 90%RH, without condensation

3. Storage temperature range: -35℃~+65℃

4. The storage humidity range is below 90%RH, without condensation

6. Protection grade IP64 (IEC 60529) /JIS D0203

ZPFT701 Electrical performance parameters
Input voltage 45 ~ 52VDC;
Drive efficiency is greater than 90%;
Common power 18W, 36W, 48W 3.2. ZPFT701

Optical performance parameters of ZPFT701
Red wavelength: 665nm;
Blue wavelength: 445nm;
Other specified wavelengths;
Electro-optical conversion efficiency: about 38%, 2.1 mol/J1;
Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) : 76 mol/S (36W), 38 mol/S (18W).
Light quality ratio: red, blue, red, blue and other ratios (the sum of the number of different kinds of lamp beads is 12).